To The Nations

To Russia, with love, September 30-October 8, 2017

I was invited to an academic exchange at two Russian universities, facilitated by Agape International and MONIKI, the Moscow institute for clinical care and research. We lectured on medical topics and encouraged Russian doctors. A highlight of my trip was serving in a homeless shelter’s clinic, followed by prayer, fellowship and dinner at a halfway home for men overcoming alcoholism. I am in love with the Russian people. And Russian culture. And Russian history. And, er, Russian food.




El Salvador medical clinic outreach, (August 11-15, 2017)

Partnering with Agape Walk Ministries, we joined a team ministering in this beautiful nation for the first time. The lovely Sandra Pocasangre and her teams made us feel so very welcome. We held clinic in San Salvador, preached in a youth meeting, and visited families in deep poverty in the mountains. The local police helped us find the neediest, and then invited us to lunch check at the station! It was a lovely time, ending with a team member’s baptism in a beautiful mountain lake.




Medical Brigade Project, Michoacán, Mexico (July 9-15, 2017)

We returned to beautiful Morelia and the villages of San Agustin del Pulque and Mariano Escobedo, seeing old friends, and met new ones in the mountains of Ciudad Jardín. I was privileged to stay with Elaine Wilburn, in her lovely home. Celeste Love came to Mexico to serve as a medical assistant. Our young friend Jeffrey committed to volunteer, as he had last year. Ashley and Randy Roberts, along with Renan and Maria DeBarros, rounded out a team serving in clinics, vacation Bible school, water purification and open air crusades. Faithful donors from City Church and Judah 1 made it all possible, and prayer support put us over the top. I also enjoyed preaching at Fuente de Vida Church in the city.






Medical Brigade Project, Michoacán, Mexico (August 7-13, 2016)

A diverse team from Florida, Texas, Chihuahua and Morelia joined forces to bring a multi-pronged outreach to 3 cities in Michoacán.  While Judah 1 and I led a team in 2 rural villages providing medical care and medications to over 400 people in 4 days, Ashley Roberts led Vacation Bible School in the large cosmopolitan city of Morelia.  Randy Roberts and Renan DeBarros led open-air worship and healing services each night, traveling to all three communities.  Pastor Virginia Ponce brought volunteers from Juarez, (a 28 hour bus ride!). And volunteers from Agua Vida, a large church in Morelia, helped with all of it.  And our magnificent host and organizer, Elaine Wilburn, has been a faithful missionary on the ground there for thirty years.  This outreach was also made possible by funding from Eagle Mountain International Church and donations from BSA Health System in Amarillo, Texas and Baylor Scott & White’s Faith in Action program.

Karen and Renan in the village Morelia prayer woman


Juarez Medical Outreach, November 2013

This medical outreach was underwritten by Kenneth Copeland Ministries and hosted by Pastor Virginia Ponce and El Rey Va Viene church in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. 3 days of clinic followed by healing service.  Our amazing international team of nurses, medical assistants, nutritionists, translators and security experts all wore many, many hats, including creating a high -quality pharmacy on a church pew in a garage!  Patient lines extended down the block and around corners, every day.  Hundreds of patients were seen. One highlight of the trip was a medical procedure which allowed a twelve year old boy with a speech impediment to speak freely.  Staff saw him running around the clinic, practicing moving his mouth freely, for the rest of the day.