Crying in the bathroom.

What is it about life that makes women want to pretend we have it all together?

Smiling in public.

OnCall is a blog, mainly for women, about being real, being effective and being happy.  Right here in the real world.

I draw from my training as a teacher and family physician about human thought, emotion and communication.  But I also draw on over 25 years experience as a mom, wife, daughter, friend, and church volunteer to bring important concepts into real life.  And, as a faith-based writer, I draw on my ministry training, experience, and the deep well of God’s wisdom.  (At least, the little trickle I have been privileged to access!)

I could tell you that I went to a medical school that is in the top ten.  In the world.

That family doctors do over 60% of the counseling and psychiatry in our country.

That I have a Master’s degree in education, including deep studies in culture, linguistics, human cognition, attitudes and behavior.

But what really helps me here is that I am a woman who didn’t have it all together.

That in the middle of all that, I almost died of depression.  While married to a preacher.

What I learned raising 5 kids, navigating a long-term marriage, and learning who I was is what really helps me write.

And be myself in public.

And I hope…it helps you, too!